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Seeing a opinion from both sides

“You took it” she yelled as she stuck her finger in her innocent friends face,while the girl stood confused. What was she talking about she wondered? Just as the misunderstanding girl accused her friend of stealing, she stepped back and looked at what she had done. She took her friend’s feelings in consideration as guilt filled her body. Just like the misunderstanding friend, more people should step back and look at a situation from others view.
It is important to see a situation from another’s view point because it teaches life lessons and can also save a friendship. For example,seeing a person for more than their appearance teaches others not to judge and to accept everyone for who they are. People express themselves and handle some situations in different ways some people might not understand, not everyone is the same. When in doubt of other people getting to know them better is beneficial to you and them. Similarly, seeing a situation from another’s view also teaches life lessons. For example,as the friend brutally accuses the friend of stealing she realise that after seeing how she handled it, she was in the wrong. After seeing the problem from her friend’s view, she felt guilt, regret, and sadness. Therefore, seeing the situation from a different view teaches a life lesson.
When looking through another persons perspective, it can also save a friendship or make one stronger. For example, as the emotionally-upset girl sits and tries to grow the courage to apologize, she watches herself put her friendship on the line from her friend’s perspective. She learns the way her friend felt and realised she hurt what was supposed to be her best friend. Similarly, she learned that not always looking through her perspective is always the right solution. Therefore, she has seen both sides to the situation and understands how important it is to take peoples feelings into consideration. In conclusion, seeing others point of view is important because it teaches life lessons and it also can save a friendship from destruction.

My name poem

Ariel was the name i was born with
and it will stay with me the rest of my life
no matter how stupid it sounds
as eyes widen as roll is being called
Though i wish for something more basic

like Allison or Emily
Names that come without the glam and sparkles
I used to have a way of dreaming about filling up
torn white converse
Instead of ugg boots
only causing my feet to look normal
making me crave confidence

My world was my room
Home to my creations and normal fantasies
me a normal girl
Walmart four-dollar earrings dangling from my ears
ants biting my feet satisfaction, I thought, did not

lie in my princess-barbie lifestyle
But in entering my fuge
that glitter-glamours door at the back of my mind
where I found someone else
someone not Ariel

Dealing with extreme emotion

Blobs of makeup run down Sara’s face as she tries to wrap her mind around the cold hearted-beast called love. she is overcome with hatred and heartbreak as her emotions take over her mind. Also,fear lingers over us humans like a dark cloud crushing our self-esteem and slashing at our hope.Fear puts us in a state of emotion where we are helpless.Dealing with fear is the biggest overcome we could take on.Dealing with extreme emotion is important because it will benefit one’s health and lead to an ambitious state of mind.
As we humans train our one-way-street bodies to deal with extreme emotions, we are benefiting our health in numerous way.For example,deep breathing or removing the stressed mind from the situation will cut back the risks of heart attacks,strokes, or even depression. when people “get heated” they need to practice leaning out to count to ten and deep breathing, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 breath. Dealing with extreme emotion is our weakness,we are scared to face this big, green, ugly, monster, facing this monster will benefit our health and also make our bodies happy. For instance,Jenny walked up to the stage and put the mic to her chapped lips,she took a deep breath and a sweet note came out. We need to teach our bodies to control and deal with our outrageous emotions in life, to benefit our lives because it’s the only one we have.
Not only does dealing with extreme emotions benefit our lives, it also leads to an ambitious mindset. For example, your mind the most powerful thing in our bodies,it is the center of us humans as the nucleus is to an atom.It plays tricks on us that can make our bodies react in away we don’t understand. An ambitious mindset doesn’t just make us feel better it’s also increases the good enzymes in our bodies. We don’t understand the severity of a damaged mind set. We need to keep an ambitious mindset and we will handle our emotions in a safer way.Calm yourself down could transform you into a fire breathing dragon ready to attack.We try and push it to the side as it grows and grows and grows to when it’s at the point where it’s “large and in charge”.Blindfolding this evil beast is harmful not only you but also to your friends and loved ones.This is not a fun game to play,it’s like a lamb in a lion field type of situation.
In conclusion, dealing with extreme emotions can be difficult but it comes with life saving outcomes such as, benefiting your life and also leads to an ambitious mindset.We all deal with our emotions in a different way, but we all know how it is to have them. We all have the same situation and know how it makes us feel. Sometimes we wish we could just all obtain a “super man” power that would give us the strength to overcome the emotion out breaks.But we have the strength, we don’t need superman powers, we just need a little hope.

How fear can control ones life

Fear is an odd feeling all people experience in some form at some time in their lives. There are many different types of fears, some more unhealthy than others.Imaginary fears are fears of things or people who don’t exist. Their origin is in the mind of the one with the fear.For example, when children are afraid of ghosts in their closets or monsters under their beds. These things don’t really exist, but the child believes in their mind that there really are ghosts and monsters. Another example is when people are afraid of a branch scraping a window. the branch really exist, but that is not what the person is afraid of.
They are afraid of the image in their mind of an eight foot, three hundred pound man with a knife trying to break into their house. The mind often plays tricks and people’s imagination go wild, causing people to fear things that don’t even exist. If one keeps their mind control, they can control this type of fear. Fears of speculation are also fears that don’t exist, but that could be possible. Such as, the fear of being hurt, the fear of getting into a car accident, the fear of losing a loved one,the fear of rejection, or the fear of financial insecurity.
These things could happen to anyone, but if builds their life around these “what if” fears they lose out on life because they focus more on their fear, than on living life to the fullest. If one lets their mind speculate about the bad things that could happen to them or their loved ones, they can cause harm both to the one who speculate and to the ones around them. These fears of speculation can become debilitating if one lets them. Sometimes people get so afraid of what might happen to them that they don’t do anything, they don’t live, thinking that it cant hurt them.
Therefore, fear can harm not just one person, but the people around them. Fear is a powerful object it can control a person without them knowing.

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Malaria is a deadly disease that has killed thousands of people.It is still common till this day.

what is malaria?

Malaria is an intermittent and remittent fever caused by a protozoan that invades the red blood cells.

What are the signs of malaria?

The symptoms of malaria are not specific and can be mistaken for other diseases,it can be difficult to diagnose.

It is important that a blood test is made to be sure of what you are suffering from.

It is also vital that treatment starts within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms,to prevent progression to severe malaria to death.

The main symptoms include:

-A high temperature(fever)of 38’c(100.4’f) or above(occurs at regular times)


-sweating and shivers(a.k.a rigors)

-body and muscle pains



-in some cases,it can affect the brain or kidneys.

In many health centers in Africa and malaria prone regions,it is common to see patients with these signs and symptoms being treated for malaria even before lab results come in.

All the signs and symptoms can be similar to other infections,but if they show in particularly malaria prone countries,they are most likely to be as a result of malaria.

Where was it found?

Mostly common in Asia and much of sub-saharan and the Americans.

How do you get it?

Malaria is caused by parasites called plasmodium, of which different species caused different types of malaria.A person gets malaria when they are bitten by a certain female mosquitoes(of the species Anopheles)that carry plasmodium parasites in their saliva.The mosquitoes themselves pick up the parasite by feeding on blood of people already infected with malaria.

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